by Michael Romero

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The Burden of the World (1 of 4)
Michael Romero

1. The Burden of the World
2. The Joy of the Lord
3. The Needed Solution
4. The Cradle of Love


Today we are starting a new series entitled, "The Messiah". This four part series deals with the issues that have ultimately brought us to the celebration of Christmas.

I don't know about you but I love Christmas. I love the atmosphere and excitement it brings. People that have been grouches all year long turn into Sister Teresa and entire families are transformed into Martha Stewart's proteges of interior design.

However, if we should endeavor to keep the Christmas spirit we must ultimately come back to the one who has bestowed this benevolence upon us and that is Jesus.

It is so easy to get lost in the Christmas Season. More and more our world makes it easier and easier for us to forget the meaning of Christmas.

Just the other day I was out shopping for Christmas cards. First of all you must know that I don't shop. So that alone is frustrating. Standing in front of the isle with the Christmas cards I thought how marvelous it was that people still celebrated Christmas. In fact, a whole two isles of cards were dedicated to just Christmas cards.

I was soon disappointed in the content of all the cards. I couldn't find one decent card that spoke of Jesus or of the hope and peace He brang. Every card had Santa, Christmas trees, gifts, and reindeer on them.

I was so frustrated that the couple standing next to me heard about my frustration. I didn't care if they were Christians or not I just said, "It is so hard to find a good Christmas card these days." The lady replied back to me and said, "Yeah, all these children don't know what Christmas is all about any more". Just then the husband piped in, "Yeah, that's exactly right!". I of course with complete composure at this point said, "Well how could they, look at all this junk!"

Well, all three of us got all hot about the issue a ...

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