by Daniel Rodgers

Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas?
Dan Rodgers
December 11, 2005
Job 21:14-15

INTRODUCTION: In just a few days we will celebrate Christmas--a time when Christians around the world recognize the birth of Christ. There's been endless debate as to whether or not December the 25th is the actual date Jesus was born. But the date is not what's really important; what is important is that He was born.

The celebration of Christmas is a time honored tradition, a time when families gather together to decorate a tree, exchange presents, sing Christmas carols, and wish one another a "Merry Christmas!"

But unfortunately, there are some who have chosen to leave out the Merry Christmas greeting or blessing. You will no longer hear it at such places as Wal-Mart,
K-Mart, Target Stores, Sears, Macys, public schools, and various other places that have decided to sympathize with the politically-correct "speech" crowd." Rather than saying, "Merry Christmas," employees have been instructed to wish everyone a "Happy Holiday."

With help from such likes as the ACLU, People for the American Way, Americans United for Separation of Church And State, and others, they have been able to convince leaders of public and private institutions, including some courts, that the celebration of Christmas, which is a Christian holiday, needs to move over and make way for other religions and their holidays: Kwanza, Hanukah, Islam, Santa Claus, and so forth...

ARTICLES: The following articles are but a small sampling of what's taking place around the country in regard to the hostility against Christians and Christmas:

1. No room at the library for Jesus' family, Magi. Officials say figures would be 'inappropriate,' action leaves just farm animals, shepherd boy –WND

2. 'Herod' vandalizes nativity scene. Pastor finds Mary, Joseph blindfolded, note saying evil king had taken Jesus --KUTV-TV, Salt Lake City

3. 1 parent's complaint axes school's 'giving tree'
--K ...

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