by Stan Coffey

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Being Found Faithful When Trials Come (9 of 10)
Series: Found Faithful
Stan Coffey
James 1:12

Today I want to speak about "Being Found Faithful When Trials Come". Finding that lily in the valley, finding that in the valley the Lord Jesus Christ is there always blooming, always giving us hope and encouragement.

We are living in a culture that has forgotten what it is to be faithful. So I want to tell you that being faithful is not just a matter of something of convenience; that we are faithful whenever we feel good or our bank account is full or whenever we don't have any sorrow or when we don't have any adversities or faithful unless we loose our jobs, but that we are faithful to Jesus no matter what.

We live in a culture where people seem to move about, they don't stay with things very long. People seem to find it completely acceptable to start something and not finish it. And those of you who are employers know what I mean. Many times you will hire someone and in just a little while they will be gone on to a different job. College students find themselves in college and one year they will have this major and the next year they will have another major. There is just very little value attached to finding something and persevering, sticking to it.

So I want to speak about that today. I want to talk to you from James 1:12 and also Revelation 2:10. And I want you to notice what this passage says. I want to say four things today why it is so important that you are found faithful when trials come. Trials are going to come no matter who you are and no matter what your age. Some of you may be in high school and you know trials are going to come especially during test time. But trials are going to come to us all in illness, death, and problems with children, financial adversities, and loss of jobs. That is all going to come at some point. So listen to what the Bible says.

James 1:12 "Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because ...

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