by Stan Coffey

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Our Challenge to Be Faithful (2 of 10)
Series: Found Faithful
Stan Coffey
I Corinthians 1:4-9

I am told that God is light and that in Him there is no darkness at all. I am told in the Bible that God is love. Twice in the same chapter are the words "God is love". I am told when I read in the Bible that God is holy – "holy, holy, holy is the Lord God of Hosts." But there is no greater statement and no more meaningful statement about the character and nature of God than this statement in this passage when Paul says "God is faithful".

We can say many things about what God is. God is omnipotent that is He has all power. God can do all things. He said I am the Lord thy God, is anything too hard for me? We know that there is no prayer too hard for God to answer. And there is no sinner too lost for God to save. And there is no mountain too big for God to overcome. God is omnipotent. God is omniscient that is He has all knowledge. All knowledge belongs unto the Lord. And God knows all things. He even sees the unseen things of the heart, the hidden things of our heart and our life. God is omniscient.

But when I look at this statement – "God is faithful" – it tells me something else about the character of God. Yes I am grateful today that God is omnipotent, He has all power. I am grateful that God is omniscient, He has all knowledge. I am grateful that God is omni-present that means that God is everywhere. He is transcendent, that there is not a place where God is not. God's presence is everywhere throughout this universe. The telescopes cannot probe the deepest reaches of the universe that God has given to us and yet, no matter how far it may go beyond our ability to see, wherever it may go out there, God is there. God is omni-present, He is transcendent. God is everywhere.

But what is wonderful is that this God who can do all things and this God who knows all things and this God who is everywhere is also a God who is faithful. H ...

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