by Jerry Vines

The Prodigal Pig
Jerry Vines
I John 1:8-2:2

I want to talk with you about a subject which has troubled me through the years of my ministry. It has not only troubled me, but it has troubled all Bible preachers, and it has troubled many Christians. Probably it has been a source of some disturbance in your own life.

What has troubled me through the years is that there are many people who have professed that they know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior, they say that they have been saved, but they give no evidence by their life that they have really received the Lord Jesus Christ.

What about these people who profess to know the Lord and there is no evidence by their lifestyle that they do know the Lord? Are these people really saved?

There is no need for us to stick our heads in the sand and pretend that this does not exist because it does. In every church fellowship there are those who have joined the church. They have been baptized. They maybe came for a while and now they have drifted away, and they give no indication by lifestyle that a genuine, new birth, born again experience has taken place in their life. There are people whose names are on the church roll who never darken the door of the church.

There are those who profess to be Christians, and yet all kinds of things are in their life. They are involved in drinking. They are involved in drugs. They are involved in profanity and all kinds of sins.

I wonder about those people. Are they really, genuinely, truly saved? There are some who get into deep evil who say that they are saved. I'm told that if you poll any prison anywhere you will find that the majority of the prisoners are Baptist.

I heard about a boy in prison who said that he wished they would get some Christian jails so the Christians wouldn't have to be in jail with all of those sinners.

What about those kinds of people. Are those people genuinely saved? Have they genuinely been born again?

I t ...

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