by Jerry Vines

The King's Thoughtful Preparation
Jerry Vines
II Chronicles 24:1-14

There are a number of subjects which are very sensitive for a preacher to address. I'm going to talk today on probably one of the most sensitive of them all.

Sex is a very sensitive subject to address. But I have done that. For 14 Sunday mornings I brought a series of messages entitled, "Sex according to God," from the Song of Solomon. We had the biggest crowd we have ever had in this building.

But that's not the most sensitive subject. Then sometimes political topics are very sensitive, especially every four years when it gets around election time. I think the ugliest letter I ever got, and I've received some doosies, was after I preached right before the election this year, a message entitled, "The Eyes of Jesus Are upon You." I said that when you go into the ballot box and you get ready to vote, the eyes of Jesus are upon you. I don't know why that upset them so bad. I didn't know how they were going to vote, but they got very upset about that. Politics are a very sensitive subject.

I'm going to talk this morning about what I think is the most sensitive subject for a preacher to address and that's the subject of giving.

Somebody gave me a cartoon from Dennis the Menace. It's the picture of a preacher, and a man and his wife and a little boy. The little boy is saying to his dad, "If we give him his money now, will he let us go home early?"

I heard about a preacher who was looking for a different way to get the people to give. They had a big building program going on and needed to raise a lot of money. He hit on the idea of wiring up some of the pews in the building. When he made his appeal he would just flip the switch of that particular pew.

He said, "We need some people in the church to give $500 to this building program." He pulled the switch and 50 people stood involuntarily. That got them excited. He said, "We need some people in this church ...

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