by Jerry Vines

Jesus Is Lord
Jerry Vines
Romans 14:7-12

I'm going to share with you what could be the truth that will absolutely change your life forever. I have preached on this many times in our fellowship through the years. It is an emphasis which I especially want our young people to hear at least once or twice as they come through our ministry. I'm speaking tonight on what I consider to be the most neglected subject in the Bible. I'm titling this message ''Jesus is Lord.''

I want to speak to you on the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Jesus is Lord. It is the teaching of the New Testament that Jesus Christ is absolute Lord. He is Lord of all creation. He is Lord of His church. He is Lord of the individual Christian life.

It was this truth which brought the early Christians in conflict with the Roman Empire. Once a year every Roman citizen was required to go into one of the temples and to take a pinch of incense and put that incense on the altar and simply say, ''Caesar is Lord.'' They didn't have to really mean it. It was perfunctory. It was just something they did. They would take that pinch of incense and they would say, ''Caesar is Lord.''

The New Testament Christians were unwilling to do this because they understood the truth that Caesar is not Lord. Jesus Christ is Lord. This is what brought them in conflict with their culture.

It is the truth in our day which brings believers in conflict with the culture. We believe that the final authority in all matters is the Lord Jesus Christ.

I think one of the greatest errors of the modern church today is the artificial distinction between receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and acknowledging Jesus Christ as Lord. Christians have receive the idea that you invite Jesus into your heart as Savior and then somewhere along the way, if you want to and it's convenient for you if you decide, then Jesus becomes the Lord of your life.

Let me just correct a misunderstanding at the very beginning. We may talk about making Je ...

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