by Jerry Vines

Played the Fool
Jerry Vines
I Samuel 26:17-21

The words of Saul are in the context of about a 10-year pursuit on his part of the young man David, who was destined to be the heir to the throne. Saul was overcome by jealousy of the young man David. In insanity, he has been pursuing him, seeking to take his life.

Now the time has come when David has the opportunity to take the life of Saul. It seemed as if Saul was now in the hands of the young man David. The young lion David had in his grasp the old lion Saul, and in a moment he spared the life of Saul.

Saul realizes what has taken place. In a moment of solemn reflection Saul makes this statement, "I have played the fool." That is quite a statement, isn't it? It is quite a times of awareness in his life. It was not David who called Saul a fool. It was Saul who called himself a fool.

The Bible is very specific that we should not call anyone else a fool. In Matthew 5, verse 22, the Lord Jesus said, "But whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire." Not to say that it is not proper on occasions to say to someone and about someone that what they are doing is a foolish thing. But to call a person a fool is to attack their character. It is to attack their self worth, and to attack the very core of their being. So Jesus said, "Don't ever call anybody a fool. To do so is in danger of hell fire."

Yet, when you study the Bible you will discover that on several occasions God calls people fools. I want us to think tonight about some people that God calls a fool. I want you to follow with me in the Bible and let's listen from the Lord Himself and see some people that God calls a fool.

I. The Mental Fool.
The first one is in the book of Psalms. It is found in chapter 14. There are actually two places in the Psalms where this particular statement is made. This is one of them. In chapter 14, verse 1, the scriptures make this statement, "The fool hath said in his ...

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