by Jerry Vines

Behold This Dreamer Cometh
Jerry Vines
Genesis 37:15-19

Joseph is one of my favorite characters in all of the Bible. It was interesting to me a number of years ago to notice that in this book of Genesis, one fourth of the book is devoted to this young man Joseph.

That is rather interesting to me because as you know in Genesis, chapter 1, we are given the account of the Creation of the universe. As you move through the opening chapter of the book of Genesis you will discover that it comes to the sun, moon, and stars; and it says about the stars, "He made the stars also." That is five words for all of the stars.

Think about how many stars there are in our universe. In 1920 astronomers estimated that there are 300 billion stars in our universe. Later on, the eminent astrologer, Sir James Genes, estimated that there are more stars in our universe than all of the grains of sand in all of the sea shores on the earth.

Yet, there are these billions and billions of stars and God dismisses them all with five words, "He made the stars also."

There are fourteen chapters for a young man named Joseph and five words for billions and billions of stars. Why do you think that is? I think the reason is because God is more interested in people than He is in planets. God is more interested in souls than he is in stars. God is more interested in regeneration than He is in creation. That's why when you study the book of Genesis you will find one fourth of the book of Genesis is devoted to the young man Joseph.

When we read the life of Joseph, we come to this passage of scripture. Of course, you know the background of it, and we will build around it in just a few minutes. But you have a statement here which I have thought a great deal about. The brothers of Joseph saw him coming and thinking about some of the dreams we will consider in a little while, they said about this young man Joseph, "Behold, this dreamer cometh."

They didn't mean that as a ...

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