by Jerry Vines

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Preacher to the Nations (8 of 10)
Series: Jeremiah
Jerry Vines
Jeremiah 40-45

We are going to look at chapters 40 through 45. We are not going to deal with every verse in these chapters, but we are going to try to pull out of these chapters the things that will be more practical and helpful and down to earth for us. We are going to try to find lessons for our own lives and something that will help you to live for the Lord tomorrow and help you to make it through whatever you have to experience.

There had been a captivity. Babylon had captured Jerusalem and Judah. Some of the people were being carried away to Babylon into captivity. Babylon is modern Iraq.

When I was a 16-year-old boy in the summer of my sixteenth year before I was 17 in September, the Lord had called me to preach, and I had just surrendered to the call to preach. I remember that on television, and in those days they just had black and white televisions which were 12-inch screens. I remember when the first television came out. There wasn't but one family in our entire neighborhood that had one of those little televisions. So at night time, just as soon as supper was over, we would all pile into that one house and watch the television. People could come and go, and we would never take our eyes off the screen. They would just come in and out of the house. We were so entranced by that little 12-inch black and white television.

I remember as a 16-year-old boy, just been called to preach, on television they were televising crusades that were being held by a fiery young evangelist. I was 16. He was 35. He was tall, blond, and athletic. He had the most penetrating eyes you have ever seen. I remember hearing him preach about Israel and Bible prophecy and the end times. I remember him preaching about the meanest man who ever lived, Manasseh, in the Bible. He was preaching these great city-wide crusades in Los Angeles and New York City. He went into New York City, and ...

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