by Jerry Vines

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You Are Always on His Mind (6 of 10)
Series: Jeremiah
Jerry Vines
Jeremiah 26-29

Jeremiah preached for 40 years. He had a thankless task. It was his responsibility to bring a message of judgment to the people of God and to tell them that they were going to be taken into captivity if they did not repent of their sins and turn back to the Lord. It was not a pleasant message nor was it a pleasant ministry.

He probably was at the half way point here in his ministry. He is continuing to preach faithfully what God has laid upon his heart to preach to the people. But for the most part, it was a message that was rejected and refused by God's people.

As you study through the book of Jeremiah, you will find some personal glimpses God gives us of Jeremiah behind the scenes. We have already seen some of the discouragement and depression that he experienced. Later on, in chapter 38, we are told for instance, that they put him down in a dungeon, in a hole. If it had not been for some of the lay people who brought him out of that, that's where he would have stayed.

It was a difficult task and ministry. His ministry brought him into conflict with the political and religious leaders of the day. The Word of God was unpopular. The Word of God was not received well and it caused a great deal of controversy.

I think that happens sometimes along the way when God's men faithfully preach the Bible. I have not sought controversy in my ministry. By nature I am a shy and timid person. But along the way in my ministry, I have found myself in controversy with city council members, mayors, denominational leaders, and even world religious leaders.

It's not something I sought. It's not an enjoyable thing. But I have come to believe that though you do not want to be controversial in and of yourself by your own idiosyncrasies, but if you are faithful to the teaching of God's Word in our world today, it's going to bring you in conflict with a great deal o ...

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