by Jerry Vines

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Down to the Potter's House (5 of 10)
Series: Jeremiah
Jerry Vines
Jeremiah 18:1-6

The Lord called Jeremiah to be a prophet to the nations. He is specifically called to be a prophet to the people of God, the people of Judah. He exercises ministry for a period of 40 years. God used every conceivable method to get His message through the prophet Jeremiah to the people. Judgment was on the way. God was trying to warn the people and call the people to repentance. But they refused.

Sometimes the message comes to Jeremiah in direct tones. At other times God says to Jeremiah, ''Act out the sermon.'' On this occasion the Lord is going to communicate His message to Jeremiah by means of an illustration. He's going to take him down to the potter's house.

There is a national application to these verses. You will notice in verse 6 that he says, ''O house of Israel, cannot I do with you as this potter? There is a message to the nation of Israel, to Judah.

But as is true of all of the messages of God in the Bible, you can narrow down the interpretation to us as individuals. There is a national message here, but there is a personal message here for you and for me down in this potter's house.

When you go into this potter's house, though it is a small building, everything imaginable is in there. God and humanity are in this potter's house. Heaven and hell are in this potter's house. Time and eternity are here. Salvation is here. Everything imaginable about life is found in this potter's house.

Let me give you a little background. I want to draw a picture in our minds about what a potter's house was like. Some of you enjoy pottery and you go to various places around the city here and you do pottery. The picture here is very different from what we have today.

In your mind's eye for a moment, let's just imagine that we are going down to that potter's house with Jeremiah. It's a small building. It's not a big prominent building. Out back there is a field of mud ...

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