by Jerry Vines

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The Unaborted Jeremiah (1 of 10)
Series: Jeremiah
Jerry Vines
Jeremiah 1

Tonight we are going to be looking at the first chapter of Jeremiah. I'm not going to be able to deal with all of the chapters of Jeremiah. It's a long book. It's actually longer in content than the book of Isaiah, even though there are only 52 chapters. I'm going to try to hit the high spots of this book and give you a little feel for it. In your own study you may want to pursue it in a greater length than I'm going to do.

Jeremiah prophesied 100 years after Isaiah. When Isaiah prophesied, they were dealing with the Assyrian Empire. When Jeremiah prophesied, they were dealing with the Babylonian Empire. In the midst of those fermenting days of turmoil and tragedy, God called a young man named Jeremiah.

Have you gotten down so low that you didn't even want to live? Jeremiah did. In fact, you find in this prophecy that Jeremiah will get to such a low point in his life that he will say, ''I wish I had never been born,'' and he will curse the very day he was born. He will say, ''I wish I were dead.''

He was an unusual prophet of God. He was born a priest, in a priestly family. He was called of God to be a prophet. He was called at one of the most difficult times in the history of God's people to be a prophet. He was called in the concluding days of the land. In 586 B.C is when Judah fell to Babylon.

He spanned about 40 years in his prophetic ministry. He saw the capture of the city of Jerusalem. He saw the temple burned down with fire. He saw the people carried away into captivity.

He made the choice to stay in Jerusalem with a little remnant of people. The lowest class of the people stayed, and he chose to stay with them. Later on he was forcibly taken to Egypt. Tradition says that there he stayed until he was stoned to death.

This is the man Jeremiah. He didn't preach in an easy time. He preached in a difficult time.

When I read about Jeremiah, I can't help but mak ...

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