by Stan Coffey

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Rebuilding the Walls of Worship (7 of 7)
Stan Coffey

I want to speak about revival this morning. Revival through the Word. I want you to turn in your Bibles to Nehemiah, the eight chapter and in just a moment, we are going to begin with verse #1. You will want to have your Bible ready and perhaps your pen or pencil to jot down the notes and the outline of our message on Revival Through The Word.

God has had a special purpose for America. I believe today that the great need for our nations is for revival. For a visitation from God, I believe that we need another great awakening that we have known in the past when God moved and God blessed.

There are many, many people who are believing that there is a real need for God to move in and to do a new work – a fresh work. I think I know may who would say to me, "Bro. Stan, I'm in need of a refreshing of a refreshing from the Lord. I'm in need of a new touch from God. There is something in my life and Christian walk that is missing. I am not satisfied and I want God to do something in my heart and in my life."

So, the need in the hour is revival. That's precisely how these people felt during the day of Nehemiah. They had been involved doing the work of the Lord and now they are hungry for the Lord of the work. They have been building the wall of the city of Jerusalem and God has blessed them in all that they had done.

But now they sensed a need for a personal encounter with God – for God just to come down and to let them know that He was there; to refresh their spirit. They needed to get to know God in a closer way and a greater way.

I believe that that is the need of the church today and the need in our country. We're facing one of three things. We are either facing retribution – that is the judgment of God or we are facing revival – a great turning back to God and we see signs of it all across this country.

We see wonderful signs that the mercy drops are falling ...

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