by Stan Coffey

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Rebuilding the Wall of Lordship (2 of 7)
Series: Rebuilding the Walls
Stan Coffey
Nehemiah 1:1-11; Nehemiah 2:20

"The words of Nehemiah, son of Hacaliah: During the month of Chislev in the twentieth year, when I was in the fortress city of Susa, Hannani, one of my brothers arrived with men from Judah, and I questioned them about Jerusalem and the Jewish remnant that had returned from exile.

They said to me, the survivors in the province who returned from the exile are in great trouble and disgrace. Jerusalem's wall has been broken down and its gates have been burned with fire.

I gave them this reply, 'The God of heaven is the One who will grant us success. We, His servants will start building"

We are in a series on rebuilding. Nehemiah was called to rebuild the walls of the city of Jerusalem and re-establish God's witness among the nations.

Rebuilding is a universally needed topic. Many of us have relation- ships that need to be rebuilt. Some are in the process of rebuilding a business. I could name several college football coaches who are in the process of rebuilding their team back into the football powerhouse they once were. Others are rebuilding after a divorce while still others are rebuilding their lives after losing a loved one.

We are in the process of rebuilding a church. In the first message of this series, we talked about rebuilding the walls of Stewardship. Today I want to talk about "Rebuilding The Walls of Lordship."

In order to rebuild any aspect of life it is imperative that Jesus Christ is Lord of every area of life. And yet in many homes He is not Lord. In many businesses He is not Lord. In man lives He is not Lord. In many individual lives He is not Lord, and yes, in many churches, Jesus Christ, sadly, is not Lord.

Before Nehemiah could actually rebuild the walls, He made sure that his relationship with God was where it needed to be. There is a process outlined for us in rebuilding found here in the ...

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