by Ron Dunn

The Spirit Filled Home: Parents & Children
Ron Dunn
Ephesians 6:1-4

Open your Bibles to the book of Ephesians chapter 6. When I was a youngster there was an expression that came out of the army. It's probably one of the few expressions that came out of the army that I can speak in a public place. But it was the word SNAFU. I don't suppose that word is in vogue any more, but I would like to be the chairman of a committee to bring that word back into vogue. S...N...A...F...U stands for "Situation Normal, All Fouled Up". And that's a very handy word to have in your vocabulary today, I'll tell you for sure, because just about everywhere you look you can say SNAFU. It seems to me the greatest need today is a standard of normalcy. We don't know what normal is anymore.

Somebody says, "This is a great church."

As compared to what?

Somebody says, "How's everything going?" And you answer, "I'm doing great."

As compared to what?

Somebody says, "This is a great country."

As compared to what?

I mean who is to stand in our midst today and say, "Now this is the standard of normalcy."

Who's normal? How can you say this person is "normal" or "abnormal" because where is your standard of normalcy?

And so I suggest that all of us learn to use this expression SNAFU...because everywhere you look, "situation normal, all fouled up". As a matter of fact, "situation normal" has completely submerged and is out of sight. I think that if anybody can bring to us today a dependable and consistent standard of normalcy, it would be one of the greatest gifts that civilization could ever have. Now the amazing thing is that in the midst of all of this SNAFU that is going on, there is a dependable standard of normalcy; it's just that we've overlooked it.

Someone said years ago, "Christianity has never worked."

And the answer came back, "Christianity has never been tried."

There are a lot of places today that you could apply this expres ...

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