by Michael Romero

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The Chosen - Part 1 (1 of 2)
Series: The Coming Messiah
Michael Romero
December 19, 2004

Sermon Series Titles:

The Coming Messiah: Part I (The Adam Syndrome) – Anthropology, Hamartiology
The Coming Messiah: Part II (Eternal Wisdom) – Hamartiology, Soteriology
The Coming Messiah: Part III (The Chosen) – Ecclesiology, Christology
The Coming Messiah: Part IV (Supernatural Love) - Eschatology


At the beginning of this series we came together and learned about the Adam Syndrome a humanly incurable disease that each human carries with him or her until death. We understand that since Adam we have been born with a sinful nature that brings death. (Psalms 51:5) We all must physically die. We have seen pain and death in life and we fear it and look for an answer.

In the second sermon we found a merciful Father who has infinite and eternal wisdom who gave us divine recognition for our free will or choice. He permitted our knowledge of sin through experience to draw us to Himself. He made known His displeasure with sin through judgment of sin and brought us to a place that we must now completely depend on Him for salvation from sin.

We found that He is willing to demonstrate His Divine Grace and save us. His wisdom provided a plan to redeem us from sin and change us into new creatures with power over sin and deliverance from the world, ourselves, from Satan, and our own human limitations. He empowered us with the Holy Spirit and gave us His word.

Today we take everything for granted and it is good to review history and appreciate the thousands of years it took for God to complete His plan of salvation on our behalf. Today we are going back in history to the very beginning of God's plan to get a glimpse of what God has done to save us from sin.

I. He Chose an Opponent
a. His Opponent is SIN (in the world, in us, in all the exists)
The definition of sin: "Everything that is actively and concretely against the character of ...

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