by Michael Romero

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Eternal Wisdom
Series: The Coming Messiah
December 5, 2004

Sermon Series Titles:

The Coming Messiah: Part I (The Adam Syndrome) – Anthropology, Hamartiology
The Coming Messiah: Part II (Eternal Wisdom) – Hamartiology, Soteriology
The Coming Messiah: Part III (The Chosen) – Ecclesiology, Christology
The Coming Messiah: Part IV (Supernatural Love) - Eschatology


Last week we discovered together what is called the Adam Syndrome which is the sin nature that we are all born with. All of us are born with the Adam Syndrome and we are hopeless and need of a solution that we cannot provide ourselves.

I. Permission for Sin
The presence of sin in the universe is due to the fact that God permits it. In view of Gods perfection it may be assumed that such permission of sin was given for a justifiable cause. There are seven reasons given by Chafer in his book Systematic Theology – Volume One. I only want to give you four today for the sake of time.
1. Free Choice – Permission of sin is the divine recognition of the creature's free choice. Scripture reveals that God wants to secure a company of beings for His eternal glory who choose Him, choose good rather than evil.
2. Knowledge of Sin – God knew about sin without compromising His holiness. However, His creation could not know sin without experiencing it. It was necessary for man to know good and evil and experience it. It was necessary for man to see the suffering sin inflicts in order to "choose" God.
3. God's Judgment Against Sin – It was necessary to demonstrate Gods attribute of omnipotence and judgment on sin to bring us to the dependence of salvation from Him and by Him. (Rom. 9:22)
4. Divine Grace – To demonstrate the love and grace of God for His people as a Father. To build true relationship with His creation. Angels experience grace through witnessing our situation and they understand sin because they have also witnessed this. The grace of God wil ...

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