by Michael Romero

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The Adam Syndrome
Series: The Coming Messiah
Michael Romero
Genesis 2:8-9,15

Sermon Series Titles:

The Coming Messiah: Part I (The Adam Syndrome)
The Coming Messiah: Part II (Eternal Wisdom)
The Coming Messiah: Part III (The Chosen)
The Coming Messiah: Part IV (Supernatural Love)

Sin is all around us. Everyday people sin against God. Sometimes we get so used to sinning that we do not realize that we are sinning when we do sin. There are people that try to keep their sins a secret but sooner or later they will be revealed. Sin is a terrible thing and can be embarrassing and hurt many people including ourselves.

Illustration 1
There was a man names Noel Coward who sent the same note to the twenty most prominent and political men in London, saying, ''Everything has been discovered. Escape while you can.'' All twenty of those men left the town immediately.

Illustration 2
Billy Sunday, an evangelist, was preparing to come to a large city. He wrote a letter to the mayor and asked him for the names of people he knew who had spiritual problems and needed help and prayer. The evangelist got a big surprise...the mayor sent him the city directory.

The point is that sin is everywhere in our lives. Everyone deals with it everyday.

I. Adam Arrives on the Earth
a. Adams Environment
i. God planted a garden (Genesis 2:8-9,15) and placed Adam there.
ii. It was a good place for Adam to be (Gen 1:31)
iii. There was no water shortages or fees for using extra water because streams watered the ground (Gen. 2:6)
iv. The trees in the garden where already there so no planting needed - God had already done that. They were pleasing to look at and some of them were good for food (Gen. 2:9)
b. Adams Responsibility
i. To do the will of God.
ii. He had all strength and wisdom to complete this.
iii. He had high privilege and so his responsibility was also high.
c. Adams Knowledge
i. He lived in unbroken and joyous fellowship with God. All ...

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