by Michael Romero

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When We Pray
Series: Powerful Churches Pray
Michael Romero
Proverbs 15:8

Today I want to start by sharing with you the story of a powerful women.

Fanny Crosby, was blind since infancy and always greeted friends and strangers with a cheerful "God bless your dear soul." And, according to her, she never attempted to write a hymn without first kneeling in prayer. If this is true, Fanny Crosby spent a lot of time on her knees. She wrote around 8,000 songs.
Fanny was often under pressure to meet deadlines. One time in 1869 she tried to write words for a tune that Composer W. H. Doane had sent her. But she couldn't write. Then she remembered she had forgotten to pray. Rising from her knees, she dictated--as fast as her assistant could write--words for the famous hymn, "Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross."

But one day in 1874, Fanny Crosby prayed for more material things. She didn't have enough money and needed five dollars. There was no time to request money from her publishers, so she simply prayed for the money. After her prayer ended, she walked around the room and then someone who admired her knocked. Greeting the stranger with "God bless your dear soul," they talked for a short time.
When he left he left something in the Fanny's hand. It was five dollars. Rising from a prayer of thanks the blind poetess wrote: "All the way my Savior leads me.

We have looked at the word of God and discovered the necessity of prayer - that we are not self-sufficient. We must rely on God for every moment of our life - eating, working, spiritual renewal, love, relationships, etc., etc...
God gives us prayer for every circumstance. Six forms of prayer that we went through last week.

1. Adoration & Communion
2. Confession
3. Intercession
4. Petition
5. Submission
6. Thanksgiving

The design God has given us is to come to Him in prayer and with humility ask for those things that we need. Last week we learned some of the elements of prayer that guide us in our p ...

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