by Michael Romero

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In Search of God – For Purpose (5 of 5)
Michael Romero
Acts 17:27

5 Week Series Titles:

Part I. For Salvation
Part II. For Relationship
Part III. For Healing
Part IV. For Compassion
Part V. For Purpose


God had a purpose for every single person in the Bible, even for Pharaoh! Everyone of us in this room has a purpose to fulfill. David had a purpose to fulfill since the time he killed Goliath to being King over God's people. Saul had a purpose to fulfill in being the first king over God's people. Abraham had a purpose to fulfill by multiplying his seed throughout the earth. Every person that we see in the bible had a purpose to fulfill. From prostitutes and beggers to governors, kings, nations and eventually the Babylonian world in prophecy. Every person God has ever created has a purpose to fulfill and that means you and I have important roles to fill and little time for anything else. So as we begin today by defining purpose by the time we leave we should have a pretty good idea where to start fulfilling our purpose.

I. Our Design (Ephesians 2:10)
a. Designed for good works in Christ Jesus. God has many things that He wants to accomplish through us and every one of those things can be summed up in a few words...God's purpose for our life.
b. The Pharisees rejected God's purpose for them (Luke 7:30)
c. God has given each one of us a path to walk in before our birth. (Eph 2:10; Jer 1:5) We each have a special assignment. As a pastor I have the humbling privilege to watch how God pulls at peoples hearts and begins to reveal to them what their special assignments are in His kingdom. Faces light up and lives get revived and their passion for something grows so huge they can no longer sit on their hands. About that time they come to me and tell me what God is doing in their heart and ask me where can they sign up for the adventure God has called them to. GREAT STUFF!!!
d. To receive reward for serv ...

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