by Michael Romero

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In Search of God – For Compassion (4 of 5)
Michael Romero
Acts 17:27

5 Week Series Titles:

Part I. For Salvation
Part II. For Relationship
Part III. For Healing
Part IV. For Compassion
Part V. For Purpose


Henry Ward Beecher is quoted as saying, "compassion will cure more sins than condemnation". There are many things that we have going on this world today that we could condemn. There are candidates with different viewpoints that we could condemn. There are members of our families that we constantly condemn. There are friends that need to get out from under our scrutiny and condemnation. We need to find something to replace condemnation of others and that something is compassion. Jesus is our example of that for us today. Instead of condemning everyone He gave us a choice and died so that we could make that choice. And as William Cowper once said, "many may dismiss compassion from his heart, but God never will." We can be thankful for that but we also must realize that if we want to be God-like we must nurture and express passion in and from our hearts.

I. Origin of Compassion
a. God has always been compassionate (Exodus 34:6)(Isaiah 63:7-9)
b. God has always demonstrated compassion
i. Compassionate to those that want to return to God with a sorrowful heart for their transgressions (Joel 2:13)
ii. We search for God's compassion in our lives and He is willing to demonstrate it to us. (Mark 6:34)(Luke 7:13)
c. God has always rewarded compassion (Prov 19:17)
i. Blessed are the merciful – they receive mercy (Matt 5:7)
ii. Mercy triumphs over judgment – Merciless judgment to those that show no mercy (James 2:13)

II. Level of Compassion
a. What was the end result of Christ's compassion for you?
i. Died for you
ii. Forgave your sins
iii. Redeemed you from evil
iv. ...

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