by Michael Romero

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Following the Call
Series: Experiencing the Call of God
Michael Romero


In this last sermon of our series I wanted to take a minute to remind us of what we have learned so far from the lives of Samuel and Moses. Samuel gave us an example of Hearing the Call of God. We understand that hearing God's call involves.

- Recognizing His Voice
- Listening to what He has to say
- And affirming His Call

Moses was a man that taught us about accepting the call of God. Through his own calling that we find in chapters 3 and 4 in Exodus we can see that Accepting the Call of God involves

- Finding Our Value in God's calling
- Believing in His Authority to fulfill the call
- Trusting His ability over our disabilities

So we have gone from Hearing God's call to Accepting God's call and finally today we focus on Following the Call of God. Although both Samuel and Moses eventually followed the call of God I wanted to use an example of someone who gives new meaning to following the call of God and who I believe to be an example for us today.

That person is the Apostle Peter. The life and ministry of Peter gives us a good example of God calling someone to ministry but using them in different areas according to the gifting and empowerment God has given to an individual. There are three things evident in the Old and New Testament concerning the call of God. We will also see these things in Peter's life.

I. God's Call is Never Easy

Following God's call is not easy but in fact most people who have accepted God's call can tell you that it has been costly.

That doesn't mean that following God's call is without reward. In fact, the opposite is true. Following God's call insures an abundance of reward both here and in heaven.

A. Called to Leave Our Lifestyle Behind

I have never witnessed someone who has decided to follow the call of God staying were they were at. Moses left extended family, job as pastor, and location in order to concentrate ...

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