by Daniel Rodgers

The Mayflower Journey
Dan Rodgers
November 20, 2005
Psalm 107:22-30

INTRODUCTION: Think with me for a moment... Today is September 6th, the year is 1620; you are one of 102 pilgrims about to board the Mayflower as it prepares to sail from England to the New World. This historic journey will be both exciting and scary as you travel to this unknown place you will eventually call home. What will happen on your journey? Will you be ready to face the hardships of starting a new life?

Over choppy waters and sometimes stormy weather, the tiny, wooden Mayflower will sail across the large and lonely Atlantic Ocean. It will take sixty-six days to make its way to America.1 An interesting side note: Most of the Pilgrims felt that girls were not strong enough to make the voyage on the Mayflower and survive the hardships of building a colony. Because of that, most parents decided to leave the girls behind in England or Holland...they would send for them later once everything was in place.

Despite the belief that girls were weaker, 11 girls, ranging in ages from 1 through 17, did make the voyage on the Mayflower with their families. And perhaps more surprisingly, young girls proved to be the strongest of all: the first winter, 75% of the adult women died, 50% of the men died, 36% of the boys died, but only two girls (18%) died.2

You know, in a certain way, we, too, have embarked upon a journey. As with the Pilgrims, our journey will take us to a distance shore--a place we've never been before. How long it will take, we are not quite certain. We'll be faced with many challenges along the way. There'll be storms and rough waters--sailing will not always be smooth. There will be times when we feel our strength is all but depleted. We'll wonder how we can go on. Some may even be tempted to turn back. When the days and nights had become long and the stress of the trip too much, some on the Mayflower wanted to turn back.

Again, on this journ ...

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