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Product of Biblical Fellowship (4 of 7)
Series: Managing Our Spiritual Investment Portfolio
Michael Romero
Acts 2:42


We continue our series on Managing Our Spiritual Investment Portfolio.
If you haven't been with us over the last few weeks we have been studying the four foundational elements of the first century church that are found in Acts 2:42.

1. Apostles Doctrine
2. Fellowship
3. Breaking of Bread
4. Prayer

Today we are going to finish our discussion on biblical fellowship and next week we will study the topic of the Breaking of Bread. So far our studies have taken us to...

- The Purpose of Biblical Fellowship,

Where we learned from John 17 that we are to be one, perfected in unity, showing the love of God, and making Christ real to the world. Then we shifted in last weeks study to...

- The Participation in Biblical Fellowship.

Where we discovered and reviewed the new covenant through Jesus Christ that has brought us together as one eternal family. This understanding is what make's Christ church intentional, sacrificial, and faithful with each other.

Today we are going to look at the final part of our study on Biblical Fellowship. After having looked at the Purpose of and Participation in Biblical Fellowship we now turn to our study towards The Product of Biblical Fellowship.

When I think of the best way I could possibly illustrate what we are calling the "product" or what is produced through Biblical Fellowship I think about the honey bee.



One bee always seems ready to feed another bee, sometimes even one of a different colony.

The existence of bees depends on the willingness of other bees to feed them. Bees, like humans, are very social. Those who are working to build the living space of the bees get fed by other bees. This way they are encouraged to continue building. The young new bees are also fed and eventually they become strong enough to feed other bees. Bees enjoy ...

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