by Michael Romero

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Participating in Biblical Fellowship (3 of 7)
Series: Managing Your Spiritual Investment Portfolio
Michael Romero
Acts 2:42


We are continuing to move through our series entitled "Managing Our Spiritual Investment Portfolio". We are dealing with the four major areas that the first century church adopted as the top four things to continually be devoted to. We have studied about the early churches devotion to the teachings of the apostles concerning the coming, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We found it to be the most foundational need for the church of the first century and we found that it should be the most foundational need of our church today.

In last weeks sermon we ventured into the second most important thing that the first century had in their spiritual portfolio. That was biblical fellowship.

Because Biblical fellowship became the heart of the early church I wanted to continue to devote today and the next Sunday to the study of Biblical Fellowship.

In last weeks study we focused on the text in John 17:21-23 to give us the purpose and the end result of Biblical Fellowship. Just to recap real quickly we found three things about the purpose of biblical fellowship from this passage. They were...

1. That the church would become one, perfected in unity
2. That the world would see and experience the love of God.
3. That the world would believe and know that Christ was real.

Today we are going to move from talking about the purpose of biblical fellowship to how a church can effectively participate in biblical fellowship.

Knowing the purpose is to become one, perfected in unity, showing the love of Christ, and making Him real to others - we want to do our part as participants. However, we want to do it in a biblical fashion.

So I am going to give us three things that allow the church to participate in biblical fellowship.

1. Christ's Church is Intentional
2. Christ's Church is Sacrificial
3. Christ's Chu ...

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