by Michael Romero

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Purpose of Biblical Fellowship (2 of 7)
Series: Managing Your Spiritual Investment Portfolio
Michael Romero
Acts 2:42


Today I want to continue part two of our series entitled, "Managing Your Spiritual Investment Portfolio." We are discovering together what every Christian and every church needs to have in their spiritual portfolio. We are discovering where every Christian and every church needs to invest their time.

We are basing our study on Acts 2:42 which is the foundational verse that describes the character and nature of the first century church.

In Part One we began by unfolding Acts 2:42. We talked about the four things that were at the top of the first century church's list. For a quick review they are,

1. Apostle's doctrine.
2. Fellowship
3. Breaking of Bread
4. Prayer

In Part One we focused on the first and most important investment of every church - the apostle's doctrine. God's Word must be at the center of His church.

As we become ardent students of God's mighty Word we are going to discover that unless we practice what we are learning we cannot get very far. However, if we do apply God's Word in our lives something is going to happen. That something is called biblical fellowship. You might hear some churches call it ABC or Authentic Biblical Community!

Biblical Fellowship is what sets the church apart from the world. It is something that goes beyond having a social time. It involves doing life together.

You see, the word fellowship is the word, "koinonia" which means to share or partner with.

This term does not mean that you are always getting or that you are always receiving but that you are both a giver and a receiver. When you need something it is there and when someone else needs something you are there.

You share in the good times and bad times. It does not mean that we plan a potluck every day in order to try to achieve biblical fellowship. Food is not the main ingredient but sharing life e ...

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