by Brad Whitt

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The Way to a Man's Heart (3 of 4)
Series: Sacred Sex - God's Glory And The Gift Of Sex
Brad Whitt
Song of Solomon 5-7

INTRO: I want you to take God's Word now this morning and be finding your place at the Song of Solomon again if you will. We are picking up this morning in our study on the sensitive subject of sex that we have entitled, ''Sacred Sex: God's Glory and the Gift of Sex.'' So far in this study we have laid a theological framework and foundation as I shared with you four things that everybody ought to know about sex. Sex was created by God, it was corrupted by sin, it finds its completion in Christ and it must be controlled by the spirit. Then, last week we talked about what women want, and I shared with you that the secret to pleasing a woman isn't abs, achievement or accounts - it's affection. Sir, the number one need that your wife has as a woman is to receive attention and affection from you, her husband. That's the number one need that a woman has.

ILLUS: I read a story this past week that many of you may be able to identify with, especially with some of your kids finally going off to college. ''It was midnight after registration day at a college when the policeman noticed a couple in a lingering embrace in the campus parking lot. He was a little bit surprised to see this happening, especially since it was just registration day. As he walked up to the car he shone his light in the driver side window the driver rolled down the window and said, ''Sorry officer, we just left our youngest son, our baby, there in the dorm. It's the first time Mother and I have been alone for 27 years.''

This morning, I want to talk to the ladies, and I want to share with you the secret to pleasing a man. And it might surprise you to find out what that secret is. You see, whereas the secret to pleasing a woman is affection, the secret to pleasing a man is admiration. That's the number one need that your husband has. He needs and wants his wife to admire him an ...

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