by Brad Whitt

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He Shall Be Great: God's Great Gift (4 of 4)
Series: Unto Us A Child Is Born
Brad Whitt
Luke 1:32

INTRO: I want you to take God's Word now this morning and I want you to be finding your place at Luke chapter 1. We have been in a Christmas season series of sermons on the coming of the Christ that we have entitled, "Unto Us A Child Is Born." Now, if you'll remember, we've already dealt with the virgin birth of Christ and the visitors to the birth of Christ and the visions at the birth of Christ. This morning I want us to think about and talk about the victory of the birth of Christ. And this morning, as we conclude this series of messages, I want us to look at the prophecy that the angel Gabriel made concerning the messiah as he told Mary about her coming birth when he said, "He shall be great."

Years ago, Muhammad Ali, the champion boxer used to have a statement. He would go around and say, "I am the greatest." Now, when Muhammad Ali would make that statement, it was personal statement that showed his arrogance. But here in Luke chapter 1, when the angel says about Jesus that He shall be great, it isn't a personal statement of arrogance. It's a prophetic statement of eminence. This is an angel, and not just any angel, this is Gabriel, telling Mary that the baby that she is about to conceive is going to be great.

I wanted to know what that word 'great' meant so I looked it up, and when I did I didn't even need to do any further research because when I saw the word, I knew exactly what it meant. And you will to. Do you want to know what the word 'great' here means? Well, it's the Greek word 'mega.' Hey, we're Baptist. And not even that, we're Southern Baptist. We know what the word 'mega' means. We see it all the time, megablocks, megabar, megastore, megastar, megachurch. What's it mean? BIG! But not just big, great big. That angel told Mary that she was going to have a baby, a son, and that that son was going to be huge. Not in size ...

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