by Brad Whitt

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Do You See What I See? (3 of 4)
Series: Unto Us a Child Is Born
Brad Whitt
Matthew 2:2

INTRO: I want you to take your Bibles now this morning and I want you to turn with me to Matthew chapter 2 if you would. We are in our Christmas sermon series on the birth of Jesus that we have entitled, ''Unto Us A Child Is Born.'' Now, if you'll remember, we've already dealt with the virgin birth of Christ and the visitors to the birth of Christ. So, this morning I want us to look at the visions at the birth of Christ. What was seen on that first Christmas night so many years ago?

I don't know what you love most about Christmas. For some folks it's the sounds of the season. They love the music and the laughter. They love to hear choirs a' caroling and children grinning and giggling as they open their presents.

ILLUS: Five year old Johnny was showing his Christmas presents to his grandmother when she asked, ''Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas? Johnny thought about it for a moment and said, ''No, but that's okay. It wasn't my birthday.''

Some people love the sounds of the season. Some love the smells of the season. The peppermint and popcorn. The fresh baked pies and Christmas dinner.

But for me, I guess it's always been the sights of the season that I love the most. I love to see the lights. White ones and red ones and green ones and gold ones. I love to see them on telephone poles or in people's yards. In front of churches. In parks. I've always loved the sights and the lights of Christmas. As a matter of fact, Kim and I have already been up to Roper Mountain this year to see the lights. We go every year.

Well, on that first Christmas day, 2000 years ago, there were definitely some spectacular sights that were seen and that's what I want us to look at together this morning.

You're there in Matthew chapter 2, look there at verse number two, and let me show you the first sight of the season this morning, and that's. . .

1. The Star. M ...

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