by Steve Wagers

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The 'D' Word in Everyone's Vocabulary (10 of 13)
Series: A Closer Look at the Book ECCLESIASTES
Steve N. Wagers
Ecclesiastes 9
October 16. 2005

Sermon Outline
1. How to MEASURE our PROBLEM with Death!
A) The Problem with Fairness!
B) The Problem with Forgetfulness!
2. How to MEET our PROMISE of Death!
A) We May Fear It!
B) We Must Face It!
3. How to MAKE our PREPARATIONS for Death!
A) Live Mindfully!
B) Love Joyfully!
C) Labor Faithfully!

1. I'm sure most of you have heard the expression, "The Dead Man's Hand." It originated on August 2, 1876. Wild Bill Hickock sat down at a poker table in Saloon #10, in Deadwood, South Dakota, and began to play his hand. Jack McCall entered the saloon, pulled out a gun, and shot Wild Bill Hickock in the back. As he laid there, those around noticed the cards that remained in his hand, a pair of Aces, and a pair of 8's. That combination, ever since, has been known as "the dead man's hand."

2. The fact of the matter is that everyone is playing with "the dead man's hand." As the scriptures tell us, "It is appointed unto man once to die" (Heb.9: 27). We can mock death but sooner or later we will meet death. I think of what Job 14:5 says: "Seeing his days are determined, the number of his months are with thee, thou hast appointed his bounds that he cannot pass."

3. Our days are determined by God. The numbers of our months are known by God. And furthermore, God has set the boundaries of life that cannot be passed. There is a boundary in our future that signals the end of life. To put it simply, we all face an appointment with death. The 'D' Word is in everyone's vocabulary.

4. I think of the little nursery rhyme:

Ring around the rosies,
Pocket full of posies,
Ashes, ashes, we all fall down.

5. The origin of the rhyme dates back to the days of the Black Plague. It was first heard by an old man pushing a cart stacked high with dead corpses. Many people thought that the Black Plague came f ...

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