by Ron Dunn

The Spirit Filled Home: Husband and Wife
Ron Dunn
Ephesians 5:18-28

Open your Bibles to Ephesians chapter 5. There are many surprises to the Christian when he discovers that the Bible is true and that Jesus works for him today when he enters into the context of letting Jesus Christ be Lord and letting the Holy Spirit, who indwells him, fill him and control him. I say it is a life of surprises in that we are constantly surprised at what Jesus is able to do in our lives. And it just keeps on getting better. There's never any end to the freshness and the newness of Jesus and what Jesus wants to do in our lives. I do not want to speak to you tonight about anything that I have not known experientially. What I am trying to share with you in these services together are things that I have not only learned from the Word of God, but that God has allowed me to experience. I want to share with you tonight about what I consider to be probably the greatest area of blessing and the greatest point of personal revival that God has blessed us with; and that is in the area of the home.

Now God has been gracious to give personal revival and God has been gracious to give church revival, but the greatest revival in my own life took place in the home. And I believe that's where it ought to be. Because it really makes very little difference what kind of personal revival we have, or what kind of revival we have in our church. If it is not a revival in the home then it is not true and lasting revival. Because, you see, what you are at home is what you are. I find it very easy to live a public life; a public life that is decent and respectable. It is easy for me to come to church and act pious and say spiritual things and everybody says, "Oh my, what a good and spiritual man he is." But that's really not the test. It's not your public life that is the test of your Christianity, but rather it is your private life. What you are at home is what you are!

Honestly, m ...

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