by Stan Coffey

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Overcoming The Enemy (6 of 7)
Stan Coffey
Ephesians 6:10-13

Paul wrote these words to the Ephesians church from his prison cell in Rome. As he thought about how to convey the struggle every believer has he looked outside the cell and there was a Roman soldier. The Holy Spirit then led him to write to the church and to compare the weapons of spiritual warfare to the dress of that Roman soldier that stood outside his cell day and night.

If here were writing today he may have used the modern day American soldier, with his body armor, his night vision glasses and his access to the latest in telecommunications.

If we are walking worthy of our calling, in humility rather than pride, in unity rather than divisiveness, in the new self rather than the old, in love rather than lust, in light rather than darkness, in wisdom rather than foolishness, in the fullness of the spirit rather than drunkenness, and in mutual submission rather than self-serving independence, then we can be absolutely certain we will have opposition and conflict.

As we grow more dedicated in obedience to God, Satan will intensify his efforts against those who continue to effectively serve the Lord.

Faithfulness to God's calling will not only bring victories, but will also bring special difficulties and opposition. A believer who no longer has to struggle against the world, the flesh and the devil is a believer who has fallen either into sin or complacency.

A Christian with no conflict is a Christian who has retreated from the front lines of service. As Billy Sunday use to say, "If you don't meet the devil somewhere every day, its because you are going the same direction as he is." They said, "Billy Sunday you rub the cat fur the wrong way." He said, "Turn the old cat around and I will rub it the right way."

Even God's angels face opposition when they minister for Him. The angel sent to Daniel was opposed by a demon for twenty on ...

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