by Stan Coffey

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Making Your Mess Into Your Message (4 of 6)
Stan Coffey
II Corinthians 12:7-10

Today we want to talk about "Making Your Mess Into Your Message."
I mean by that taking from Paul's example, we turn the area of our
greatest weakness into the area of our greatest strength in order that
God may be glorified in us. I am talking about taking the area of

Satan's greatest defeat in our life and turning it in to the greatest
area of victory in our life. Paul had his thorn in the flesh and each of us
have our own. The word for thorn is not the word for a thorn that one
would find upon a rose bush, but it is the word for "stake."

This thorn is no light thing, it is a stake such as was used by the
Romans to impale one upon. Something so debilitating and
so severe that it left Paul totally defenseless and helpless in ministry.

Three times he asked God to take it away, and each time God said
I will not take it away, but I will give you sufficient grace so that
this stake, this mess, will be your greatest message to others about
the sufficiency of my power in your life.

All of us have prayed for God to remove thorns. Someone here today
is in agony because of your thorn in the flesh. You are saying God if
you would just take away my depression then I could serve you better.

God if you would just take away this chronic illness that I have to
endure then I could serve you better. God if you would just take
away my abrasive personality then I could serve you better. God
if you would just take away my constant temptation toward lust
I could just serve you better.

I could go on and on. I don't know what your thorn is and you may
not know what my thorn is but we all have them. Whatever is a
mess in our lives God can make into our message about the

sufficiency of His grace to carry us through in victory. Only
if we have a thorn can we know that God's grace is indeed

Our thorn ...

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