by Stan Coffey

This I Believe
Stan Coffey
II Timothy 1:8-12

Now I know I can't tell you every single thing I believe this morning and most of you have been here to know what I believe, but I think once in a while it is good for you to be reminded

I believe that in any church on Sunday morning there are many people who have picked up just enough doctrine here and there to be thoroughly confused

It's like the fellow who went off to a convention with a little sign stuck on him that read BAK. Someone came up to him and said, what does that mean, B.A.K. He said it means "Boy am I confused."

The fellow said, you don't spell confused with a "k", the fellow said, You don't know how confused I am.

So lest some think that changing the name of our church to The Church At Quail Creek means that we have changed or altered our beliefs, let me share with you what I have believed, what I believe now, and what I will always believe, because God's word is like God Himself.

God's word is immutable, eternal, infallible, unchanging, incorruptible undeniable, eternal and unimpeachable.

I agree with J.T. Reed who sums up what it means to believe and be a Southern Baptist.


What does this mean?

1. It does not mean I'm a church attender.

Obviously I am a church member, but that is not what I mean when I say I am a Christian. All Christians should be church members. Jesus loved the church and gave Himself for it. But, being a church member does not make you a Christian any more than being a member of the moose lodge makes you a moose.

2. It does not mean I'm an American

Some believe that since America is a Christian nation if they were born in America it makes them a Christian. The old mother cat could have her kittens in an oven but that wouldn't make them biscuits.

America was founded on Christian principles and sometimes people identify Christianity with America or America with Christianity but being an American and ...

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