by Johnny Hunt

Invitation to True Rest
Johnny Hunt
Matthew 11:28-30
October 30, 2005

INTRODUCTION: The context is Matt. 11:25-30 where Jesus had just pronounced judgment on the unbelieving communities surrounding the Sea of Galilee. Though the nation had turned its back on the Messiah, He continued to call to Himself that remnant who were weary of carrying their heavy spiritual burdens and who sought rest in God's grace.

EXAMPLE: Billy Flockhart – feels so good to have Christ lift the burden of his sins.

In v.25 Jesus acknowledges the Father's sovereignty and control over salvation. Realizing who He is, He praises Him.

In v.25b-26 He reminds of the humility of Matt. 5:3
Matthew 5:3, "Blessed are the poor in spirit,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."

First step in coming to Jesus is humility; coming in utter despair of one's own merit of resources.

"These things" refer to the kingdom; His messiahship, lordship, and saviorhood, and about salvation, submission, and discipleship - all centered in the kingdom of God. This is the realm where He is sovereign, where His people dwell by grace through faith, and where His righteous will is done.

"hidden from the wise and prudent" – intelligent in their own eyes and who rely on human wisdom and disregard God's. The Lord does not exclude smart people from His kingdom, but rather those who trust in their smartness.
Paul was brilliant, but he stopped relying on his intellect to discern and understand spiritual and divine matters. Intelligence is a gift from God; but when it is perverted by pride it becomes a barrier to God.

Psalms 138:6, "Though the LORD is on high,
yet He regards the lowly; but the proud He knows from afar."

Whether religious or irreligious, the proud person will not submit to God's wisdom and truth. The religious man who relies on tradition or good works to please God is just as far from God as the atheist.

"hidden these things" – how? Such people, through the darkness of ...

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