by Michael Romero

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The Value of Evangelism
Michael Romero
Matthew 28:19-20


We have learned so much together since the start of the "Values of Our Faith" series. We have just had Easter together and so I think it is fitting that we review where we left off.

So far we have studied with great intensity four out of nine values of our church and our faith. Those four values have been wrapped up in two out of four areas of our vision.

We have studied

Abiding in Christ means to always be reading, meditating, and applying the Word of God and to constantly and consistently be devoted to Prayer.
The two values we found here were...

- Biblical Authority
- Prayer

We have studied

Transformed by Christ means to always be moving forward learning and doing the work of a Disciple and endlessly be about the work of building up the church as members one of another building up the body of Christ in authentic biblical Community.

The two values found here are

- Discipleship
- Community

Now I want to turn your attention to the third area of our vision that contains two more of the nine essential values of our church and faith. That area is the area of Serving like Christ.

In order to Serve like Christ we must study these two values....

The value of Evangelism
The value of Ministry

Each and every one of us is called to be an evangelist and each and every one of us is called to servant ministry. We are going to talk about both of these values this month. The value we are going to start with is Evangelism.

Many times when we hear the word Evangelism we cringe. We shrink back in our seats and prepare to hang on for the ride because we are convinced it is tough to talk about our faith. However, God never intended it to be hard. He intended it to be simple and we have often made it harder than it really is.

"A businessman landed at the Dallas airport and realized he had one hour and 20 minutes before his next plane connection.

He ...

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