by Michael Romero

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The Value of Ethnic Diversity
Michael Romero


Today we are going to study our last value in this series "Values of Our Faith". That value is ethnic diversity. You only have to read the news today to find that it is filled with stories of conflicts between different ethnic groups living together. A few examples of what you might find would be the ethnic tension between...

Turks & Armenians
Jews & Arabs
Shiite & Sunni
The Cast system of India
Pashtun & Tajiks (Afghanistan)
Kurds & Arabs (Iraq)

And on and on we can go.

In Denver we have more than 100 people groups. The Mile High Baptist Association with whom we are affiliated is working with 25-30 of those groups. In the United States there are an estimated 431 people groups and in Canada 190. This means that we have a long way to go in reaching different cultures, tribes, and tongues ...and that is without counting people groups world-wide.

The word ethnic comes from our Hebrew word, "goy, and our Greek word "ethnos" which mean people or nation. Usually this word is used to identify people by culture or physical feature or sometimes even geographical.

This word "ethnos" describes groups of people with the same skin color, language, and culture who identify and separate themselves from other cultures, languages, and religions.

God is very clear in His Word that He does not desire for us to create our own identity but for us to find our identity in Him and be separated unto Him as one people. In the Bible we find that there is a mountain of Biblical evidence that God has continually wanted to create a people that were His people.

Today in our own congregation we have people from America, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, and Venezuela, and various other countries that make up our congregation but it shouldn't stop there.

We must continue to welcome people from different countries and cultures because it is God's desire that a new culture be created from all of these ...

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