by Stan Coffey

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Discover Who You Are (1 of 6)
Series: Seven Secrets of Successful Living
Stan Coffey
Isaiah 49:1-5

1. Someone has well said that most believers' Christianity is like an old iron bed: firm at both ends and sagging in the middle. On the one end you trust Christ as Savior and get your sins forgiven. On the other end, one day you will go to heaven. But in between it gets pretty desperate.

2. Another has said that most people are living lives of quiet desperation. They know that Christ has saved them, that one day they will go to heaven, but in the meantime they have to live in a hard world and fend for themselves.

3. I believe one reason we find ourselves in this situation is that we have not discovered who we really are ''in Christ Jesus.''

4. We have two kinds of beliefs. One is our formal beliefs. Things we say we believe - our statement of faith. The second is our functional beliefs. Beliefs that are so much a part of us that we live out of them.

5. For years I have known that God has already made me the righteousness of God in Christ. He had made me Holy and (Col. 3:12) He has made me complete (Col. 2:10). I was blameless in His sight (Col. 1:22) I am accepted in the beloved, adopted in God's family.

6. But at times, I have treated these truths as formal beliefs, not functional beliefs. While having a head knowledge of these truths, in many cases I did not live out these truths as I should.

7. My goal in the future is to live out of the premise that God will do what He says He will do, and I am who God says I am. And in Him I am complete, lacking nothing sitting in the heavenlies with Him at the right hand of the throne of God.

8. It is so easy to live out of our own strength, God-given abilities and talents; rather than to surrender all to Him and be the person God intended us to be.


1. The false self that we build around us, also known as the flesh in Scripture is very deceitful. It is eas ...

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