by Robert Walker

Two Sams
Robert Walker
Hebrews 11:32

Would you take your Bible and open to Hebrews 11:32. I want to share with you a sermon about two men. The first is Samson and the second man is called Samuel.

Now the story of Samson the heavy weight champion of the Old Testament is recorded in Judges 13 through 16.

Samson's strength was found in the anointing of God in his life. We have all these pictures of Samson with bulging muscles. But muscles were not the secret of his strength. If it were muscles why would Delilah be asking for the secret; it would have been obvious. It was the anointing that gave him strength. And the anointing was tied to his consecration to God.

Why did Samson trade such privilege for such bondage--the deceitfulness of sin. It did not happen over night. It began with small compromises that led to bigger compromises that ultimately led to his defeat

When you look at Samson life you wonder was he a saint or sinner?

Samson is a strange mix of success and failure. He is strong as an ox and weak as water. He is the sole source of Israel's hope and deliverance at this time. Yet he is also the subject of shame and embarrassment for the whole nation.


Charles Haddon Spurgeon used to quote the following statement from James Burns "Those who give themselves up to the service of sin enter the palace of pleasure by wide portals of marble, which conceal the low wicket behind which leads into the fields, where they are in a short time sent to feed swine."

Do you know what the name Samson means? It means sunshine, sunshine.

The Story of Samuel is recorded in I and II Samuel.


Now there are some very interesting comparisons when you look at the life of Samson and Samuel. For example they were both supernaturally born. You see the angels appear before Samson mother the wife of Manoah and contrary to what all would expect or believe you will bring forth a child.

God, in His awe-inspiring ...

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