by Robert Walker

Getting a Grip on Stress
Robert Walker
Psalm 46

We live in a stress-producing culture. Our world is moving very fast; in fact so fast that the majority of the human race are victims of fear and anxiety. It seems that mans central nervous system makes it easy to over-react at the slightest provocation.

Studies have concluded that no person in his own strength can hand more than 300 units in a twelve month period without suffering physically or emotionally with the near future.

We are constantly faced with stress producing situations. The death of a friend, a divorce in the family (73 life change units), and the loss of employment, the heart ache brought on by a sick child. Well Psalm 46 was written in the context of severe stress.

Martin Luther lived life under the pressure of continual stress and even satanic opposition but while studying Psalm 46 saw that God is our refuge and strength and a very present help in trouble. The place in which we can find a sweet relief...! I believe that's what Martin Luther was trying to tell us...When he penned the words to the wonderful hymn, "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God...!"

As the result of this truth his life was changed and he wrote the hymn "A Mighty Fortress is our God. In our message today I want us to see how to get a grip on stress? First of all:-


What a profound statement this is in verse one... God is our refuge.... (God is- not was- or will be).
Notice the first two words..."GOD IS...." Here is one of the great things that separates the Christian from the humanist and the agnostic. The humanist insists that there is NO God - indeed many humanist are quite anti-God!
The agnostic shrugs their shoulders and says "I just don't know!" But both are separated by an immeasurable gulf from the Christian's emphatic YES... because the Christians emphatic "YES" is not just to the idea of the divine or the notion of some "first cause" -
"God IS!"
Whatever pressures we ...

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