by Daniel Rodgers

Who Is God?
Dan Rodgers
Job 11:7-8, Proverbs 30:4, Job 37:23
September 30, 2005

INTRODUCTION: How often have we heard the following three questions: "Who am I?" "Where did I come from?" and "Why am I here?" I think we have all asked those questions at one time or the other in our lives.

The fact is; many people do not know why they are here and what they are here for. As a result, they are living meaningless lives, simply existing. What a sad way to live. Listen; there is more to life than merely satisfying the physical and even the intellectual needs of the body and mind.1

Thank God, as Christians, we need no longer ask those questions, for God, through His Son, Jesus Christ has answered them for us.

But let's back up for just a moment, and instead of asking "Who am I?" "Where did I come from?" and "Why am I here?" let's address another question of importance; "Who Is God?" The correct answer and response to that question, will, then take care of the other three.

This morning, I want to give you our message in the form of three questions:

I. Who Is God?
II. What Is God Like?
III. How Can I Know God?


By they way, if a man is willing to ask that question, he is half way home; for many people are not willing to even acknowledge that there is a God--if there is no God, then there is no accountability for our behavior...enter evolution. Evolution is Satan's attempt to explain away God and creation. Evolution teaches that we evolved from lower life forms and developed into our present state--which, I must confess, is not all that great. According to the theory of evolution, everything is supposed to be getting better and better; but since the Garden of Eden, man has been getting worse and worse.

But, "Who is God?"

A. The world view

1. In addition to the lie of evolution Satan has masterfully invented religion with its false concept of God. It is said that there are literally thousands of religions in th ...

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