by Daniel Rodgers

When Life Seems Impossible
Dan Rodgers
Psalm 77:1-20
October 9, 2005


1. Psalm 77 has been ascribed to Asaph. Asaph was a Levite and one of the leaders of David's musicians, appointed by him to serve in the Tabernacle and later the Temple. He and his descendents served in the Temple throughout its history. Asaph wrote Psalm 50 and Psalms 73-83.

2. In this Psalm, the writer had fallen into the pit of discouragement. In (vs. 4), he said, "I am so troubled that I cannot speak." Have you ever felt like that--so discouraged you just felt like life was no longer worth living? The truth of the matter is that live is always worth living. Nothing in life is so serious that the Christian need live in a state of constant melancholy. Because of our relationship with Christ, our future is bright. We should never allow anything to dim the lights or bring down the curtain on our faith in God or our hope for a better tomorrow.

HYMN: The songwriter wrote...

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.
Because He lives, All fear is gone.
Because I know He holds the future,
And life is worth the living just because He lives.

HUMOR: Let's not be like the man who had been walking for several miles, carrying a load on his back. When he became tired, he sat down on a river bank--placing his pack on the ground, he said, "I am sick and tired of this. I wish I could just die."

No sooner had he gotten the words out of his mouth than Death appeared and said, "Here am I; what can I do for you?" The astonished man said, "You can help me put this load back on my shoulders."1

We are all prone to think that our load is heavier and more difficult than anyone else's. Such was the case with our writer here in the book of Psalms.

Please consider with me three things:

I. His Cry
II. His Complaint
III. His Comfort


"I cried unto God with my voice..."

Consider first of all that his cry was...

A. The cry of discourageme ...

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