by Doug Tegner

Generation Rising
Doug Tegner

* The Day in Which We Live
A lot of talk of generational differences in America today
Boomer, Buster, X'ers, Millennials
Can study the culture all we want, ad infinitum.
But in EVERY era of the church, in every generation, some general patterns emerge.
A younger generation that follows a faith-filled generation will often wander
Second-hand faith can be a very dangerous thing – can often be lethal
2nd and 3rd generations often slide into callousness and become practical atheists.

America Today
56% of American teenagers say they attend church 2-3 times or more per month.
By age 29, just 22% attend church weekly.
In past three years, two landmark studies reveal that 65 to 80% of church youth, have no church by age 22.

Not only is the "American church" facing these realities, but also many in this room.
Yet, the word of God gives us insights as HOW or WHY this may be taking place.

* Scenes from a Biblical Narrative
Turn to Joshua 23
Narratives from Biblical history must be taken in their context. We should not look at them as only here for our benefit, but as what was actually going on in THAT day and what GOD was doing...what He wants future generations to know about these people and How He interacted with them. THEN we can possibly extract some lessons for the people of God in later generations. Narratives are like stories, moving from scene to scene.

Scene One
The Joshua Generation - Joshua 23 - 24
* First-hand Faith (read 23:3, 6-13 and 24:7-8 and 16-18)
* Inclined Hearts (24:14 and 23)
(NIV: Yield) lit. bend toward, stretch out for
cf. with other command: put away foreign gods (discard, put away, do away with OTHER gods)
* Households Set Apart (24:15-22)
READ 24:28 and 31 – end Scene 1 (length of time after Joshua, those who had KNOWN the deeds of Lord)
Turn to Judges 2:7

Scene Two
A Compromised Generation - Judges 2:10 – 19
* Seduced by Worldly Gods (2:11-13)
Baals and Ashtaroth: gods o ...

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