by Rex Yancey

Rex Yancey
Acts 27:21-25

Hurricane Katrina soaked the Mississippi and Louisiana coast at the end of August this year. Hundreds of lives were lost and billions of dollars in collateral damage. It has been coined "The worst storm in history." We lost approximately 12 lives in Jackson County. Many of the "old salts" rode out the storm as they had ridden out many in the past. However, many of them said they would never do it again.

My minister of music rode out the storm with his 80 year old mother and his wife. His mother has Alzheimer's. When the water got up to their knees in his house, he sought for safety in his boat. He finally got his mother into the boat, along with his wife, fighting a 125 mile hour wind and pelting rain. When they were situated in the boat, on a trailer, he realized it was tethered to a tree. He knew if that tree fell that their lives were in jeopardy.

His mother said, "We picked a bad day to go to town." She said later, "If I had known this I would have stayed at home." By the grace of God they survived the storm and lived to testify about it.

We all face storms in life. Some storms we face are not because of bad decisions we have made. Paul was in this storm because other people made some bad decisions. But whether they come because we brought them on ourselves or because they were caused by others, we all have storms to face.

I want to use the word "STORM" as an acrostic today.

"There arose against it a tempestuous wind." One moment the wind was blowing softly, the next minute it was tempestuous.

I left the Mississippi Gulf Coast on Friday before the storm on Monday. When I returned on Thursday, the houses on Beach Boulevard were gone, swept away. The houses on Washington Avenue were either gone or washed out. Every house south of the railroad one mile up and several miles wide had several feet of water in them. The "old salts" had never seen ...

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