by Robert Walker

Paul: A Portrait of Confidence
Robert Walker
II Corinthians 4-5

In an art gallery there is a picture of a beggar. What an unlikely subject for a portrait. At the bottom it says, "The Portrait of Confidence."

Why in the world would anybody paint a portrait of a beggar? The story behind the portrait is this it was painted by a young girl who was just learning to paint.
She was going to school in New York.

And to be able to paint scenes she had taken a hotel room in a flea bag hotel in New York and out of the window she could watch the slump area as it interacted everyday.

And she would set by the window and paint what she saw. And there was this beggar that came there every day and he would stand on the street corner and beg. And so she decided to paint his picture and so she watched him day after day, week after week.

When she got the picture like she wanted it she took it down to him and showed it to him and asked do you know who this is? And each time he would ask who is it?

She said it is you! Well it can't be. It looks like me but I don't look like that and what she had done was in place of the dully dreary and dissipated and disillusion eyes she had painted eyes that had a dream.

His eyes sparkled with inspiration and his skin instead of being wrinkled and drawled she tighten his skin and put on it the look of a person with an iron will. A person who had the will to get ahead in life.

He said I don't look like that but I would like to be that man. She said that is the way you look to me. And he said if you see it in me then I will see it in myself.

And she gave him the picture and he took it to his room and he hung it on his wall and he started his life all over and he became one of the success stories of New York.

And anytime I got down and felt like I was slipping and falling I would look at the picture and I named it the portrait of confidence.

And if this book called the Bible has anything to say it says you can be a ...

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