by Johnny Hunt

My Hands, His Face
Johnny Hunt
Acts 13:1-5
September 18. 2005

INTRODUCTION: Worship is seeking the Face of God, not the Hand of God, however, once I seek His face, He seems to always use my hands for His glory.

Grace for the Moment – "What if someone were to film a documentary on your hands? What if a producer were to tell your story based on the life of your hands? What we would we see? As with all of us, the film would begin with an infant's fist, then a close-up of a tiny hand wrapped around mommy's finger. Then what? Holding on to a chair as you learned to walk?...

Were you to show the documentary to your friends, you'd be proud of certain moments: your hands extending with a gift, placing a ring on another's finger, doctoring a wound, preparing a meal...And then there are other scenes...Hands taking more often than giving, demanding instead of offering...

Oh the power of our hands. Leave them unmanaged and they become weapons: clawing for power, strangling for survival, seducing for pleasure. But manage them and our hands become instruments of grace – not just tools in the hands of God, but God's very hands.

Think of your hands as tools in the hands of God."

Acts 13 is a major turning point in the book of Acts. There is a transition from Jews to Gentiles, from Peter to Paul, and there is an underlying truth of moving from minister leaders to minister laity.

MAJOR TRUTH; We are all called and "Made to Count."

There is much truth in the humorous adage that some people make things happen, others watch things happen, while still others are left wondering what happened. The Church in Antioch was a dynamic, aggressively reaching out with the gospel to make an impact on the world type church.


William Bennett states the last words recorded by one of America's great patriots named Nathan Hale. Just before he was executed by the British on Sept. 22, l776, his recorded dying words were, "I only regret that I h ...

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