by Doug Tegner

From the Passion to Pentecost
Doug Tegner
Acts 2

Happy Pentecost Sunday!
Did you get your Pentecost Card from Hallmark?
One of the great days in the life of the Church worldwide.

The 3 significant Christian celebrations...
The Advent of Christ
The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ
The Coming of the Holy Spirit

A lot of confusion on the meaning of Pentecost.
Many fear talking about Pentecost or have erroneous assumptions

Why is this day so significant in the life of the Church?
The Spirit of God came to indwell all believers on this day.

Pentecost Past...
- Pentecost was already celebrated by Jews worldwide.
- The word Pentecost from Greek for ''fifty''
- 50th day after the Sabbath of Passover
- Also: Feast of Weeks, Firstfruits of Wheat, Day of Firstfruits.
- For centuries, the Early Harvest Celebration.
- Jews brought to God the firstfruits of their harvest.
- Thanksgiving and expectation that God would bring full harvest.
- This Pentecost was the Firstfruits of the Harvest of souls - first day of the Church
-The Holy Spirit came to indwell believers on Pentecost, to be witnesses to the world.

Between The Passion and Pentecost
Promise of the Coming of the Spirit
Luke 24:45-49 - Jesus declared that:
- The message of gospel will travel the world
- His Father in heaven promised to send indwelling Spirit
- His disciples should wait in Jerusalem for the Spirit
- Christ then ascended into heaven

Acts 1:1-5 - Luke ties the book of Acts to his earlier work:
- Christ showed Himself to many and convinced with proof
- Over 40-day period - He taught about the coming Kingdom of God
- Christ commanded His disciples to wait for this gift of the Spirit

Acts 1:6-8 - Jesus declared the purpose of the coming Spirit:
- Power will come on you to become witnesses of Christ
- Believers will witness of Christ locally and globally

Prophecy of the Coming of the Spirit
John 14 - During the Last Supper, Christ taught that He wou ...

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