by Steve Wagers

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Why We Believe the Bible! (1 of 9)
Series: Baptist Beliefs
Steve N. Wagers
II Timothy 3:15
June 15, 2005

Sermon Outline
1. We Believe the Bible Because of its Inspiration!
A. The Movement of God upon the Word!
B. The Messengers of God with the Word!
2. We Believe the Bible Because of its Revelation!
A. The First Revelation of the Word!
B. The Final Revelation of the Word!
3. We Believe the Bible Because of its Preservation!
A. The Trials that have been Endured!
B. The Truths that have been Embraced!
4. We Believe the Bible Because of its Application!
A. For Salvation!
B. For Sanctification!

* I have met a few people that put more stock in their denominational label than they did anything else. I think of a story about three Churches in a little town. There was a Methodist, Presbyterian, and Baptist Church. They were all struggling to exist. They finally decided that the only way they could survive was to merge. They all gathered to discuss the merger and the question came up what they would name the church. Finally after much discussion and dissension, one suggested that they call it a Christian Church. One fellow jumped up and said, "I was born a Baptist, I grew up a Baptist, I have never been anything but a Baptist, and no one is going to make a Christian out of me."

* George Barna stated in his book Absolute Confusion that traditional Church affiliations are becoming less significant to people. He found that two-thirds of all adults (62%) believe that "it does not matter what religious faith you follow because all faiths teach similar lessons about life."

* I submit unto you that it matters greatly what a person believes, as well as why a person believes it. To have "faith in faith," or "belief in belief" is not sufficient when it comes to eternal matters. Thus, in order to know what we believe, and why we believe it, we must begin with the Bible.

* A recent Gallup poll revealed that:

82% of Americans believe th ...

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