by James Merritt

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A Song for any Day (4 of 4)
Series: Soul Music
James Merritt
Psalm 121


1. God loves music. He must because the longest and largest book in the Bible is a hymn book. It is a book full of songs called ''The Psalms.'' It should not surprise us that music has been called the universal language. Music speaks to every culture, to every creed, and to every color.

2. I believe with all of my heart the most beautiful songs ever written in the world are these songs we are reading called ''psalms.'' You find when you read the psalms that there is literally a song for almost any situation. I have given you ''A Song For Yesterday'', ''A Song For Today'', ''A Song For Tomorrow'' and now I want to give you ''A Song For Any Day.''

3. Let me begin by asking you a question. Would you say you are an optimist basically or a pessimist? I heard about an optimist that was talking to a pessimist and he said, ''Isn't this a beautiful sunny day?'' The pessimist said, ''Well, it may be, but if this heat spell doesn't stop very soon, all the grass is going to burn up.''

4. Two days later the optimist said to the pessimist, ''Isn't this rain wonderful?'' The pessimist said, ''Well, if it doesn't stop raining soon, my garden is going to wash away.''

5. The next day the optimist invited the pessimist to go duck hunting. The optimist had just bought this new registered hunting dog and he said, ''I want you to keep your eye on this dog. He can do things no other dog can do.'' The pessimist looked at the dog and said, ''Well, he looks just like a stupid dog to me.''

6. At that moment a flock of ducks flew over. The optimist shot one of the ducks and it fell into the very middle of the lake. He snapped his fingers and his new dog ran after the duck. Amazingly, the dog ran out on top of the water, picked up the duck and ran back on top of the water. The optimist took the duck from the dog's mouth and turned to the pessimist and said, ''What do you think of my dog ...

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